#1. "Innovating Traditions", a Land Rover webseries to celebrate the brand's 70th anniversary

Land Rover was turning 70 and the mission was to celebrate the brand's anniversary properly: it's awareness we are talking about! 

After a couple of days having shower ideas, it came to me: how else could we celebrate such a remarkable date than to reunite the two “antagonistic-ish” ideals of Land Rover, a bold and innovative but also traditional brand,  in an unique concept?

We gathered 3 innovative but also traditional personalities and 1 couple that combined perfectly with the brand to tell their stories in this new webseries we created: "Innovating traditions". 

The actor, producer and brand ambassador at the time, Cauã Reymond, was the first one, followed by the landscaper Renata Tilli, the designer Gustavo Bittencourt and the adventurous couple, Grace Downey and Robert Ager

They were chosen for their ability to innovate their traditions and, also, for being spokespeople for Land Rover's potential customers. 

The focus was awareness, and that's what we did: by bringing in different personalities to talk about their lifestyles and how they matched with Land Rover's biggest values, we also brought new potential leads to the brand's channels.

#2. Presenting Land Rover & Onçafari partnership

In order to give Land Rover a purpose more than adventure itself, the brand decided to partnership with Onçafari, an organization focused on promoting the environment conservation while contributing to the region's economic development and protecting threatened species – mainly the jaguars. 

This film was shooted to present the partnership and give more visibility to Onçafari, explaining its mission in a series of interviews. 

#3. Do you know how to measure a Jaguar's performance?

In time and in heartbeats – why not? 🫀

Jaguar's marketing director wanted to present the new F-PACE SVR, an SUV known for its capability, but that could also be knowed for its sheer performance. The idea was to call Sergio Jimenez, a Jaguar's pilot at the time, to record the best time the SUV could do in tSão Paulo's autodrome, Interlagos. 

But how could we make it more fun to potential leads that doesn't care about racing, but could love the brand the same way speed lovers do?

Along with a film shooted from the inside just like we see it on video games, we took the opportunity to make two films in one: "Racing against the clock" and "Racing in a heartbeat". 

While one would set up the kilometers per hour, the other one would measure the emotion of a guest of honor in heartbeats. All of that presenting the mainly qualities of the SUV and, of course, not exceeding the original budget. The clients loved it or not? 

#4. Animated film for Land Rover sales campaign

The last movie in here is just to garantee you that I can also write more objective and educational and less inspirational screenplays – I swear 😎 –, such as this one that was created in order to present the financing plan Land Rover had for rural producers.

Despite being a film about a more technical topic for sales, what could seem boring to some, became a fun script to make, as we focused on going outside the box a little and making the film less technical and more dynamic – but always within the limits allowed by the brand.