That's me!

About Me

My professional path is very wide and diversified, with adventures through different languages, tones and voices.

Graduated from Mackenzie (São Paulo's University) in Communication / Journalism, from USP (University of São Paulo) in Portuguese and Spanish, and in several courses involving the world of words, I have already worked as a reporter and proofreader but, nowadays, I establish myself as a copy & webwriter, always giving the proper attention to minimal details.

After 10 years of experience in the communication market and 5ish years writing audiovisual scripts, performance pieces, SEO-based articles, content and other formats, I can say that I always try to find the best answer – without taking into account the proper divergence and convergence periods, of course.

I am interested in knowledge itself and I always get to the bottom of any subject. No wonder that's why I have already worked with an ample variety of clientes – from cars to makeup brands. I'm curious, and that's why I never hesitate to ask questions when necessary, always searching for the best ways in and ways out.

Above all, I love learning and sharing. Let's talk? 😉