That's me!

About Me

Who I am:
• Creative writer & Content specialist;
• 10+ years in communication weaving narratives that captivate and inform.

What I do:

• Craft engaging copies, SEO content, CRM communications and audiovisual scripts that resonate;
• Employ UX Writing strategies and plain language to prioritize the user's journey and experience;
• Collaborate closely with teams to navigate challenges and unearth innovative solutions.

My experience:

• Diverse portfolio across cosmetics, finance, and automotive sectors, understanding varied audience pulses;
• Conceptualized and created big campaigns for Jaguar Land Rover – one of them was able to boost sales by 75% in a single quarter comparing with the year before.

My approach:

• Curious and analytical mind, always peeling layers to reach the core of any subject;
• Keen eye for detail, ensuring precision in every piece of content;
• Driven by a passion to enhance user experience and enchant soon-to-be customers, believing in the power of words to simplify complexities.

Looking forward to:

• Creating assertive content strategies and developing clear and impactful content/copy, assuring it meets the audience's needs and preferences;
• Making digital experiences more user-friendly and enjoyable through thoughtful content;
• Combining creative approaches with data insights to guide content marketing decisions.

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